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  Reprinted from Newsletter 150, dated 2018 autumn

Herbie’s Field: town council arranges a new home for Tor Fair

The town council has bought the 10 acres from the House family. It is to be known offically as the Herbert Browning Memorial Field.

The Meare Road lacks a footway, and the proposed new path inside the existing stone wall of the field will provide a safe walking route to the campsite and football ground.

Glastonbury Town Council is increasingly aware that the popularity of events and festivals causes some anxiety with residents, particularly with regards to car parking. More recently, there has been a challenge to accommodate the historic and popular Tor Fair, which is possibly the longest-running traditional fair in the country.

  For the continuance of this and other events such as Carnival, Frost Fayre, Beltane and Road Run and other events that benefit the town, a more professional and responsible approach has to be given to the management of parking and the safety of pedestrians.

  A thorough search for a suitable location within reasonable proximity to the town centre has been conducted. The purpose is to identify land that could be used as an overflow car park and a more permanent location for Tor Fair. With this in mind a field of approximately 10 acres was found. This field is between Northload Bridge and Dyehouse Lane.

  [The patch of land has long been known as Herbie’s Field, after the late Herbie Browning, who owned it. —Web Ed.]

  The entrance to the field is through a double width gates from Northload Bridge. An approach by the Town Council to the owners of the land was made to purchase this land and there is a willingness to proceed, subject to planning consent being approved.

  It is the intention of the Town Council to retain a green and pleasant field, for residents and visitors to be able to enjoy. However, to ensure that vehicular access is not impeded by the wet conditions, roadways will have to be installed. The following will be included in the pending planning application.

  Herbie’s Field will remain a green and open space in perpetuity. An application will be made to protect Herbie’s Field as either a local green space or a fields in trust from future development.

  From the area where the rushes are growing, the area will be slightly lowered and the soil transported across the site to raise the land nearest the road. Three spine roadways will be constructed. The stone substructure will be covered with the soil removed from another area to cover the roadways to retain a grass covering.

  A boundary fence and hedge will be constructed 8 metres from the rhynes to allow for rhyne-clearing and allow people to walk around safely.

  The roadside boundary nearest Northload Bridge currently has no pavement and is considered an unsafe route for walkers from the town centre to the caravan park and football club. The intention is to provide a hard-surfaced path on the field side of the existing stone wall to provide pedestrian safety.

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