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  Reprinted from Newsletter 131, dated 2010 April

John Cannon books near publication after 266 years JN

The first volume of John Cannon’s chronicles is scheduled to be published this month. Cannon (1684–1744) lived at Lydford and for a time worked in Glastonbury as scrivener and excise clerk. [See Newsletters 108, 110.]

 Adrian Pearse, a member of the Conservation Society committee, takes a particular interest: “I’m his closest descendant.”

 The 800-page work by “the poor man’s Pepys” is full of close observation about personalities, shops, meetings and local landmarks. In the first volume Cannon mentions bellringing at Baltonsborough, but we must await the second volume for his Glastonbury memoirs, from the 1730s until 1743.

 Copies are expensive because of 18 years of scholarly work by Prof. John Money (at the University of Victoria in Canada) and the short print run — around £55 per volume — but the Antiquarian Society’s library will surely have a copy. Joint publishers are the British Academy and Oxford University Press.

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