Reprinted from Newsletter 123, dated 2007 July

Northover Mill seeks community use

The old Abbot’s mill at Northover. The Millstream flows beneath it, toward the camera in this view.

Northover Mill, listed as Grade II and sitting next to the former Morlands site, is on the market to local community and not-for-profit organizations. The two-storey stone mill, built in 1517, was once part of the Morlands tannery and was used for cloth-making. It was rebuilt in the 18th century and has since been residential and office space but has been derelict for 20 years.

  Paul Calvert, property manager at the South West Regional Development Agency, which owns the site, said: “It is really important that we bring this building back to life, and we believe that local organisations are perfectly placed to do so because they know exactly what the community needs.

  “We are open to suggestions. All reasonable ideas involving community-based activities will be considered. We will make our decision on who to sell this building to based on the most appropriate use — not necessarily the amount of money offered.”

  Interested parties should discuss their proposals with the local planning authority, Mendip District Council, before submitting them. Offers should include full details of the proposed use and initial designs, which must demonstrate a high environmental standard, and a business plan to demonstrate that the applicant’s proposals are financially viable.

  The closing date for tenders is August 30. To arrange a viewing or find out more about the property, call King Sturge at 01225 32 4105.

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