Reprinted from Newsletter 103, dated 2002 April

Winter visits to Tribunal and cathedral

Carvings above the Tribunal doorway have been restored.

A cold wait on the pavement on March 17 was eventually rewarded by a most interesting visit to our internationally famous Lake Village exhibiton. Nancy Hollinrake introduced this splendid collection, owned by the Antiquarian Society and maintained by the county museum service.

  Afterwards we examined the fascinating mediaeval merchant’s house that now serves also as the tourist information centre.

  Glastonbury Tribunal Ltd is chaired by Dennis Allen, our treasurer.

Archives and eyries

Many of the Antiquarian Society’s events this season are field visits rather than evening lectures. At its AGM in December, Wells Cathedral librarian Jean Moore gave an illustrated talk about the cathedral library and invited the Antiquarians to visit it on May 25 between 9:15 and noon. The tour includes the high parts above the aisles and up the towers — not recommended for those with asthma or heart conditions.

  It will require four guides in addition to Jean Moore, so the cathedral asks for donations, suggesting £4.50 (or £3 for seniors). Numbers are limited to two groups of 10. Please register with Desmond Miller at 83 3660.

• Golden secretary: John Loveridge was thanked at the Antiquarian Society’s AGM for his 50 years as its secretary. Desmond Miller, who had been treasurer, filled the gap.

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