Reprinted from Newsletter 100, dated 2001 August-September

A fine kettle of fish

Bill Knight and crew — Sue Whitty, Rosa Holdsworth, Yurena Fortes—in action in the Northload Street shop.

Bill Knight’s fish restaurant in Northload Street has won a top quality award from the Sea Fish Industry Authority.

  The Seafish Friers Quality Award is presented to shops that meet exacting standards throughout their business: not just good fish and chips but helpful and friendly staff, hygiene and good practice in handling and cooking food.   Around 200 points are inspected, including some 40 temperature checks.

  Richard Chivers, the Seafish quality-assurance advisor, said: “Only fish-and-chip shops which meet our requirements get the award, but I’m pleased to say Knight’s certainly demonstrated very high standards and, of course, great fish and chips.”

  Bill has been active in the Conservation Society for many years. He has rescued memorabilia and artifacts that could otherwise have been lost. He feels strongly that Northload carpark should be properly signed off the relief road as the new gateway to Glastonbury. This should have happened as planned after the relief road.

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