Reprinted from Newsletter 93, dated 1999 October

Antiquarian Society and the new library

After the Antiquarian Society’s AGM on November 19 its president, Lady Elizabeth Gass, will be joined by the county librarian, Robert Froud, in an evening devoted to considering the new Glastonbury library to be built in Archers Way. Of particular interest is the accommodation that will be available for the Antiquarian Society’s collection and the study facilities that will enable researchers to access material stored elsewhere.

Architect's sketch of new library to be built in Archer’s Way.

  The drawing shows a view of the library entrance and, above it, the Social Services offices. In the foreground are the existing telephone kiosks opposite Butts Close, and between them and the library is the short lane that gives access to the rear of St John’s churchyard and St John’s schoolyard.

  A scheme is at present being considered whereby the church allows pedestrian access during daytime library hours along this lane to the schoolyard and alongside the churchyard to the High Street, coming out by the newsagent.

  Further information from Neill Bonham, 83 2657.

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