The newsletter began in 1973 and is published quarterly.

Issue 154 came off the press on February 19, edited by Jim Nagel — who owes great thanks to the absolutely amazing beyond-the-call effort of Sir Murray Wallace and Equerry Dan at speedy digital Direct Offset.


• Potential £25m from Town Deal
• St John’s church reopens
• Crown Hotel has a new landlord
• Archway idea for Hanover Square ...
• ... and a 1780 watercolour of it
• 2019 AGM: 50,000th tree planted
• Action on missing footpaths
• Holy Thorn book publishing soon
• Cannon chronicles editor dies
• The old Swan Inn: puzzle solved

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Newsletter 150 came out in autumn 2018. To celebrate the milestone, around 400 articles (so far) from the past 25 years of newsletters are now online in full here on the Glastonbury Conservation Society website.

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  More articles will be republished online as time permits. If there is one that you would like to see sooner, email Jim Nagel (see link at foot of any page).

From the past, a few random newsletter articles in full

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