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A brochure describing the society’s aims and activities is available from this website — or ask for a printed copy.

  The form for membership and annual standing order can also be downloaded (PDF).

  The membership subscription is only £7.50* a year; members are of course free to give more. Glastonbury Conservation Society is a registered charity, number 264036. A Gift Aid form is included on the membership sheet.

(* The annual subscription fee increased modestly in 2015, from £5, the first increase in many years.)

This includes membership of the Somerset Building Preservation Trust, of which the society is a corporate member.

It is somewhat startling to calculate how long the Conservation Society has been doing its bit for Glastonbury. It is more than 15% of the tercentenary that the town recently celebrated: 48 out of the now 315 years.

  The society was formed in haste in 1971 in order to save the Crown Hotel in the central Market Place from being pulled down, as had several interesting medieval buildings nearby; swift spot-listing saved a number of other sites too. Today the Crown survives as a building but is currently awaiting a new owner.

  Another Conservation Society project was to rescue some of Glastonbury’s pre-Beeching heritage: the canopy from the railway station, by relocating it (ironically?) amid parked cars in the main central carpark, where it makes two acres of asphalt easier on the eye. The trees in the carparks are the society’s work too.

  Today, Glastonbury Conservation Society:

Map of the Glastonbury Conservation Area (click to enlarge)

Read a summary of the society’s doings since 1971:

1971–1988 and 1989–2001

The society’s constitution

Civic Voice is the national body set up in 2010 as an umbrella group for local societies promoting civic pride all over Britain. “We work to make the places where everyone lives more attractive, enjoyable and distinctive and to promote civic pride. We speak up for civic societies and local communities across England.”

  These are some of the current Civic Voice campaigns: • Alliance of cathedral cities and historic towns • Big Conservation Conversation • Civic Day • Local Heritage List • Save our high streets • Street clutter • War memorials. A previous campaign challenged the government’s proposals to loosen the planning process in favour of developers.

Civic Sense is the online newsletter published monthly by Civic Voice, with links to civic societies around the country and what they’re doing.

  (Glastonbury Conservation Society has not yet joined Civic Voice, but several of our counterpart societies in nearby towns are members of the national body: Frome, Midsomer Norton, Warminster, Taunton, Bath, ...)

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